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This is how the stored procedure would be structured:

[dbo].[getSp] (
  @Color varchar(10) = Null,
  @Finish varchar(10) = Null,
  @Height varchar(10) = Null,
  @Type varchar(10) = Null,
  @Trim varchar(10) = Null,
  @Width varchar(10) = Null

This is how the data looks before searched..This data is incomplete, but as an example to get an idea. Every combination would be in here..

Color  |  Finish  |  Height  |   Type    |  Trim  |  Width  |
 Blue  |  Shiny   |   Tall   |  Toaster  | Normal |   3.5   |
(NULL) |  (NULL)  |  (NULL)  |  Toaster  | (NULL) |   3.5   |
(NULL) |  (NULL)  |   Tall   |  Toaster  |  Deco  |    4    |
(NULL) |  Shiny   |   Tall   |  Toaster  |  Deco  |    4    |
 Blue  |  Shiny   |  (NULL)  |  Toaster  |  Deco  |    4    |
(NULL) |  Shiny   |   Tall   |  Toaster  |  Deco  |    4    |
(NULL) |  Satin   |   Tall   |  Toaster  |  Deco  |    4    |
  Red  |  (NULL)  |   Tall   |  Toaster  |  Deco  |    4    |

The SELECT statement would have Type as the primary lookup field, so it would look something like this:


..... Confused about this part, 


But basically, I would like to run a stored procedure to only include those combinations, which are rows found in the table when called with only a part of the params, like this:


And the sp would ultimately return this (every combination)..

1. Blue Shiny Tall Toaster
2. Blue Shiny Toaster
3. Blue Tall Toaster
4. Blue Toaster
5. Tall Toaster
6. Shiny Toaster
7. Shiny Tall Toaster

So I am confused about how to structure the Where statement in the stored procedure to return every combination for ONLY those which you include in the stored procedure params, but the remaining params (like Width and Trim would be left out of the results and searching, would and when passed as NULL by default.

I've tried this without any luck...

Type = @Type AND
... for each other param

I've tried this without any luck...

Type = @Type AND
(Color = @Color OR COALESCE(@Color,COLOR) IS NULL) OR...
... for each other param

I've tried building the sql statement, but have failed as well.. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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This should meet your needs, if you provide a param then it uses it to filter otherwise it won't:

FROM table_1
WHERE (@Color IS NULL OR Color = @Color)
AND (@Finish IS NULL OR Finish = @Finish)
AND (@Height IS NULL OR Height = @Height)
AND (@Type IS NULL OR Type = @Type)
AND (@Trim IS NULL OR Trim = @Trim)
AND (@Width IS NULL OR Width = @Width)
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Doesn't return the results i'm looking for.. Actually it only returns the rows like #1, all other levels doesn't return. – Control Freak Apr 18 '12 at 8:01
Change the ANDs to ORs. – Vince Pergolizzi Apr 18 '12 at 17:14
This returns too many different results. – Control Freak Apr 18 '12 at 22:17

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