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I have tried a click-jacking tool. It's able to detect only the hidden frames in the HTML page. I studied about the click-jacking attack, as illustrated by the references below, and I think frame busting attack is able to detect that tool if any duplicate frame is present in the HTML code.

But I need the tool to provide the details of whether the given web URL can possibly include a click-jacking attack.


IETF Standard against Clickjacking

Introduction on Click-jacking basics

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Why don't you disable the clickjacking attacks altogether by adding the The X-Frame-Options to the response header?

here's how

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Kamy, Thanks for your response. I have already added the X-Frame-Options in the response header to avoid the clickjacking attack. but here My question is, the tool to detect the clickjacking attack from the given URL(Web page). I have tool named web security scanner 0.9, it will detect the Cross-site request forgery attack from the given URL. Likewise i need to know the tool to identify the clickjacking attack from the given URL. – Muthu Kumar Apr 23 '12 at 11:05
2.Can we predict clickjacking attack by knowing the response header ? – Muthu Kumar Apr 23 '12 at 11:16

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