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Not sure if it is possible to do with trim in a select statement:

Basically want to trim anything characters in a string BEFORE a character is found:

say there are values (names) Oliver, Dave and I want to trim all characters before 'v' is found so those values would be 'ver' and 've' afterwards

Again it kind of sounds too complicated for a trim statement unless there is an easy way to combine it with a LIKE to search for such a thing.

May be getting ahead of myself here but would be a useful thing if anyone can help enlighten it :)

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Maybe something like

SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR('David', 'v.*') from dual
 WHERE REGEXP_LIKE('David', 'v.*')

Description about REGEXP_SUBSTR:


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Seems to have worked, can you explain how regexp works compared to regular substr? – toups Apr 18 '12 at 5:05

You could do it with REGEXP, or with SUBSTR/INSTR:

SELECT CASE WHEN INSTR(mycolumn,'v') > 0
            THEN SUBSTR(mycolumn,INSTR(mycolumn,'v'))
            ELSE mycolumn
FROM ....
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