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I am using the HTML5 version of Facebook Comment in my website. I have my own Facebook APP Id.

Using Graph-API, and FQL (I think this is how to do it), I want to list all the Comments posted in my website.

Example -

Page Title1

Page Title2

Page Title3


Please help me out.

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It is possible, in two different ways, as long as you have a fixed set of sub-pages you want to fetch comments from.

If you have a large amount of sub-pages, or a variable amount, then you don't have a good scalable solution - and many have been looking for one:

For a Fixed set of sub-pages in your website, you can either use a batch request, or an FQL query.

Batch Request

First, you need your access token. Just enter the following as a url in a browser (credit to this website ):

And this is the javascript jquery code to make a batch request to fetch comments from several urls at once:

  url: '',
  type : "POST",
  data: {
    access_token : 'YOUR_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN',
    batch : '[ \
    {"method":"GET","relative_url":"URL1"}, \
    {"method":"GET","relative_url":"URL2"} \
  success: function(data) {
    jdata = JSON.parse(data);
    $.each(jdata, function(index,value){
        jdata[index].body = JSON.parse(value.body);
    // Do whatever you want with jdata


inspired from this post

    method: 'fql.query',
    query: 'select text from comment where object_id in (select comments_fbid from link_stat where url="URL1" or url="URL2")'
  }, function(response) {
    // Do something with results


Because of this limitation of Facebook, I plan to switch to, which apparently supports this feature (As you can see from this blog, for example. (search for 'recent comments')

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Reference: Facebook Comments Plugin

Say your website is and you have a facebook comments plugin on it, you can access comments this way{YOUR_URL}.

{YOUR_URL} becomes

Example 1: (Comments plugin installed on developers facebook doc website )


fetch comments:

Example 2:


fetch comments:

Check this too

Sample code for pulling comments can be found on this blog post

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Actually, I tried this and I am getting this output - But I do have comments in my site !! <code> { "";: { "comments": { "data": [ ] } } } – Ayan Don Apr 18 '12 at 8:11
is the comments plugin exactly located on, you should give the complete url. I updated my answer accordingly, please check – Dhiraj Bodicherla Apr 18 '12 at 8:12
Be sure to escape any special characters in the url. For instance, if your url is: ''; the way to query the comments from this page is '…; – gardenofwine May 1 '12 at 10:30

Rather than list all the comments on your site, Facebook wants you to implement code to get notified when a new comment is posted anywhere on your site.

To make this happen, you have to put some Javascript into the page where the comment is posted to also notify yourself:

window.fbAsyncInit = function(){
    console.log("subscribing to comment create");
        console.log("facbeook comment created: " + JSON.stringify(response));
        var commentQuery = FB.Data.query('SELECT fromid, text FROM comment WHERE post_fbid=\'' + response.commentID + '\' AND object_id IN (SELECT comments_fbid FROM link_stat WHERE url=\'' + response.href + '\')');
        FB.Data.waitOn([commentQuery], function () {
            console.log("Facebook comment: " + JSON.stringify(commentQuery));

Where rather than just logging the comment to the console, you would need to implement some AJAX that would send the comment back to your site where you could store the comment in your database, or send yourself an email notifying you that the comment has been posted.

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