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Hi i want to extract sub strings from a formula and make some changes to them later and put them back something like this:

((dfhkuyhu.hkjgd.hjkh + hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu + hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu)/(hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu))*((khuh.jbmxcn.bnb + hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu)/(jhxzku.kjkj.jh + hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu))

and i want to add something tobeginning and end of each part like this:

((Foo!dfhkuyhu.hkjgd.hjkh![hg] + Foo!hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu![hg] + Foo!hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu![hg]).[boo]/(Foo!hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu![hg]).[boo])*((Foo!khuh.jbmxcn.bnb![hg] + Foo!hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu![hg]).[boo]/(Foo!jhxzku.kjkj.jh![hg] + Foo!hgdfjg.uyrepo.uyu![hg]).[boo])

any idea?

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In order to have a chance of providing an answer let alone an approach, please post the actual formulas. – MarkSchoonover Apr 18 '12 at 5:42
well what is the difference? it is some sets of characters with dots in between the structure of formula is exactly same as what i wrote and for now i'm spliting by '/' and '*' and '+'and storing then eliminating the parentheses then i will replace them and search the string and replace again but i'm still working on it i needed some ideas to solve it. and i think the whole idea behind regex is matching patterns not having the exact formula right? formula can change but the pattern is same!! – Ashkan Abedinkhan Apr 18 '12 at 6:19

The rules are a bit unclear, but it seems you're trying to surround each run of alphanumeric characters (plus separating dots) with Foo!/![hg], and to replace each closing parenthesis with ).[boo]. Right?

Then you could do this:

$subject =~ s/[\w.]+/Foo!$&![hg]/g;
$subject =~ s/\)/).[boo]/g;


s/abc/def/ means "substitute whatever the regex abc matches with the replacement string def", modifying the original $subject variable.

[\w.]+ matches strings like dfhkuyhu.hkjgd.hjkh. In the replacement string, $& refers to the matched text. The /g flag tells Perl to find and replace all the matches in the string.

\) matches a literal parenthesis.

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Thanks exactly that did the job i was doing it with lots of loops and headache Thanks – Ashkan Abedinkhan Apr 18 '12 at 6:35
@AshkanAbdnkhn: Good to hear it - seems I have guessed correctly, then. In order to further improve your StackOverflow experience in the future, please take a few minutes to read Jon Skeet's excellent primer How to ask the perfect question. Welcome to the community! – Tim Pietzcker Apr 18 '12 at 6:48
thank you it was my firs question will do that in future and can you tell me how can i add the same suffix to the end of string as well because at the end there is no * to check it what i changed your code in was this $input =~ s/)*/).[boo]*/g; $input =~ s/)\//).[boo]\//g; which misses the last one at the end of the string – Ashkan Abedinkhan Apr 18 '12 at 7:07

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