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I could see a lot of similar questions but not exactly. I just would like to remove all non-html-tag data (plain text) from a DOM using Jsoup. the result should be just markups without plain text.

Is it built-in with jsoup or should I write my own regExp ? Is it better to parse the entire DOM instead of RegExp and remove the contents inside the tags?

Which will b e more efficient, if I have to parse a lot documents/pages one by one, continuously?

[SOLVED] -- see code below (for my req.)

public void getNodesHtml(Elements children, Element parent) throws Exception {
    for(Element e : children) {
        String nodeName = e.nodeName();
        String id = e.id().isEmpty() ? "" : e.id();
        parent.append("<" + nodeName + " id=\"" + id + "\"> </" + nodeName + ">");

        Elements subchildren = e.children();
        getNodesHtml(subchildren, e);
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removeText(Element node){

    List<TextNode> textNodes = node.textNodes();

    for(TextNode tn : textNode){

    Elements children = node.children();
    for(Element e : Elements)
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Thanks bdares! I wrote a similar code to get it done. –  pMan Apr 19 '12 at 3:56

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