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I've set of images loaded in UIImageView. How to animate the images in UIImageView using CoreAnimation? Plz give me suggesstions

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Exactly how do you want to animate them? –  TompaLompa Apr 18 '12 at 6:17
i want to animate repeatedly using thread. When i drag on the imageview,another set of images will be loaded and start animating the images. I did all in thread. but the animation is not smooth sometimes. How to bring smooth animation? –  iphony Apr 18 '12 at 7:19

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it is very nice code for animating images with remaining time if you set the timer for alarm the images in animating according to the remaining sec of the timer i have used the images for make the flower


//-----------------image Animation-------------------//



 imageAnimation=[[UIImageView alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(20, 150, 135, 135)];

  [ self.view addSubview:imageAnimation];

 imageAnimation.animationImages=[NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"101.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"102.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"103.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"104.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"105.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"106.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"107.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"108.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"109.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"110.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"111.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"112.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"113.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"114.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"115.png"],
                                [UIImage imageNamed:@"116.png"],


//-----remaining is the second remaining of the timer---------//

  int i=remaining*16/16;



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its working for me ,thanks jaspreet –  ravinder_iphone Aug 30 '12 at 7:31

If you want to just animate set of images in an imageView, the below code will help

UIImageView* animatedImageView = [[UIImageView alloc]init];
animatedImageView.animationImages = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:    
                                     [UIImage imageNamed:@"1.gif"],
                                     [UIImage imageNamed:@"2.gif"],
                                     [UIImage imageNamed:@"3.gif"],
                                     [UIImage imageNamed:@"4.gif"], nil];
animatedImageView.animationDuration = 1.0f;
animatedImageView.animationRepeatCount = 0;
[animatedImageView startAnimating];
[self.view addSubview: animatedImageView];
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hi, I want to run the animation part in a thread. How to do that in a thread. How to do that? –  iphony Apr 18 '12 at 6:47
Use CoreAnimation (CABasicAnimation), it runs in it own thread. –  TompaLompa Apr 19 '12 at 5:23

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