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I am using php4 and jquery, I have got a php string variable $content which stores a string as shown below.

         ...n rows

So, Now i want to change the color of all occurrences of text "Good" to red. So How to write a jquery function which takes a php string $content variable and changes the color of each "Good" word, (adds a style color:red) and returns it.

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Pure PHP solution:

echo str_replace('Good', '<span style="color:red">Good</span>', $content);
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You cannot access PHP variables in Javascript. Also, javascript works on the client side and PHP works on the server side.

I am unsure of the exact usage for this, but, here's my take on doing this:

// in javascript code
var x = "<?php echo $content; ?>"; // do take care of stripping quotes (")
x.replace("Good", "<span style='color:red'>Good</span>");

I guess that should do it.

Just to explain a bit more, on the server, PHP will dump the contents of the variable $content to the variable x in JS. On the client side, when JS is executed, it will pick this up and do the replacement.

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    $(this).html($(this).html().replace(/Good/, '<span style="color:#f00">Good</span>')); 

This will look through each cell and find if there is a text value of "Good" and wrap a span around it

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$content .= '<span class="red">';
$content .= {your existing code here}
$content .= '</span>';

After it you create a CSS Rule:

.red{ color:red; }

As you see you don't need jQuery at all.

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