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I am using JSON.Net to serialize my objects. For eg, if this is my object

Class MainData
   string val;

the data for 'val' is a key value pair string like this key1:value1. I have a scenario where I should not get the above 'keyValues' name in my final serialized string and instead get a serialized string which looks like this


Currently with my serializer I am getting this, which is not what I need


Can somebody guide me to any documentation/solution to dynamically assign the name of the field instead of using the default variable name/JSONProperty Name defined inside the object?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I've been struggling with this all day, what I've done is used a dictionary object and serialised this however I had an error message that was "cannot serialise dictionary", should have read the whole message, "cannot serialise dictionary when the key is not a string or object" this now works for me and gives me a key/value pair

i have the following objects

public class Meal {
public int mealId;
public int value;
public Meal(int MealId, int Value) {
mealId = MealId;
value = Value;
} }

public class Crew

public Meal[] AllocatedMeals {
get {
return new Meal[]{ 
new Meal(1085, 2),
new Meal(1086, 1) }; } }

public int AllocatedMealTotal {
get {
return this.AllocatedMeals.Sum(x => x.value); } }

then the following code

Dictionary<string,string> MealsAllocated = crew.AllocatedMeals.ToDictionary(x => x.mealId.ToString(), x => x.value.ToString());

return new JavaScriptSerializer().Serialize(
new {
Allocated = new {
Total = crew.AllocatedMealTotal,
Values = MealsAllocated } )

to get

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thanks John, i will try this and get back –  2ndlife Apr 20 '12 at 13:12
that worked!!!, All I had to do was make ' string val ' to ' Dictionary<string, string> val '. It was so simple, thanks for your code, it helped me get the idea. –  2ndlife Apr 23 '12 at 7:04

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