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I have a web site showing some data. It is constructed of: - A web app, showing data.(ASP.Net app, but I don't use server side features in showing data; It's pure HTML and JavaScript) - A Service providing data in Json format.(WCF)

the client requests data and receives and shows them. Now I want to change the process in order to works in push base strategy. I googled and I found out that that Comet is a good choice, but I don't found practical samples in my case. Some samples had client with php (server-side) and so on. Now I want some hints on using comet in a way that client is pure JavaScript and HTML and server is WCF (server pushes Json to JavaScript )

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look at nComet it is an implementation of comet, not sure if it is wcf yet, but i would have thought much of the code would be reusable.

Or better pokein

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+1 for pokein library – Zuuum Apr 21 '12 at 22:53

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