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I had asked a question here but the answer guide me to open a new topic. Shortly, i want to launch a free app on Appstore from my application but the app i want to launch has no URL Scheme. The comments on my other question say using some special APIs like SBSLaunchApplicationWithIdentifier or classes like UIDocumentInteractionController make it possible. Can anyone please help me how to launch an application from my appication. Thanks in advance

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Let me first say that this method is jailbreak only! It uses private API's that Apple can stop supporting at any time in a future version!

Let's get to it, this method uses the [UIApplication launchApplicationWithIdentifier:suspended:] private method:

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] launchApplicationWithIdentifier:@"" suspended:NO];

From what I've tested calling this method from an application not running as root is useless, apparently SpringBoard (or LaunchServices) only allow root applications to launch other applications using this method.

So, first you need to jailbreak your iPhone, then you need to get your application running as root.

To get your app running as root you need to place it in /Applications/ instead of the usual /User/Applications/UUID/

You can install OpenSSH using Cydia and use SSH to access your phone's shell.

Then, after having your app in the right place you need to set permissions, for example:

enter image description here

I would use the same ones as Cydia:

chown -R root:wheel /Applications/

Next, a little trick. The binary will need the setuid bit:

chmod 4755 /Applications/

And for the last step, SpringBoard doesn't open apps with the setuid bit, but it opens a script (which can open another app)! Just change the name of the binary to something like YourApp_:

mv /Applications/ /Applications/

And create a new file named YourApp in your app folder with the following script:

CrrDir=$(dirname "$0")
exec "${CrrDir}"/YourApp_

Now, just respring (there's an app for that in Cydia) and you're ready to go.

Sorry if this seems hard, it isn't, I don't remember where I learned it, but it was a long time ago. This method works fine in all iOS versions and I've just tested it with iOS 5.1.


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Thanks in advance. I read it and i will study on it now. No matter if it is hard:) – ilhnctn Apr 18 '12 at 14:25
Np, I hope this answer helps more people, I've seen this question multiple times in SO. – fbernardo Apr 18 '12 at 14:26
A second question, do i have to jailbreak my device to do these( like..install OpenSSH using Cydia and use SSH to access your phone's shell) – ilhnctn Apr 18 '12 at 14:39
Yap. Cydia is the app manager for jailbreak applications, kinda like an App Store. – fbernardo Apr 18 '12 at 14:40
+1. Note, though, that an alternative to running the app as root (which has some downsides, of course), is to grant your app the entitlement, as I show here. – Nate Mar 18 '13 at 22:51

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