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I'm trying to change the cursor inside my CStatic-derived class by handling OnSetCursor

class CMyStatic : public CStatic
    // ....


BOOL CMyStatic::OnSetCursor(CWnd* pWnd, UINT nHitTest, UINT message) 
    return TRUE;

OnSetCursor gets called every time I move the mouse, but the cursor isn't changed. What am I doing wrong?

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use ::SetCursor. Or you can call SetCursor once elsewhere and don't capture WM_SETCURSOR, and the cursor will be set automatically.

The CWnd::SetCursor you used is for setting a cursor for a window, and that cursor will be used if you don't override OnSetCursor. That is, the default behavior of OnSetCursor is calling ::SetCursor with the cursor one set by calling CWnd::SetCursor.

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You don't need (or want) to use MAKEINTRESOURCE in this case, so change:



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Thanks for the suggestion, I removed MAKEINTRESOURCE. But it's still not working, the cursor isn't changed. –  sashoalm Apr 18 '12 at 8:10
@satuon: At a guess the problem must be related to doing it in a subclassed control then -- I just tested in a normal view, and it works fine there. –  Jerry Coffin Apr 18 '12 at 8:15
Thanks, I just changed the base class to CWnd and it's all working now. Could you edit your answer so I can select it? –  sashoalm Apr 18 '12 at 8:23
m_hHandCursor = LoadCursor(NULL ,MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDC_HAND));

Make m_hHandCursor as member variable and initialize using win32 API LoadCursor in OnInitDialog....Then OnSetCursor() event set this cursor always using SetCursor API....So your application will always get system defined HAND cursor

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Please expand your answer to include explanation. –  MasterAM Feb 11 '14 at 14:53

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