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This is probably a simple question, but as I have never gone through the process thought I would seek assistance. I am using devise for my user authentication in my rails 3 app. Rather than create a seperate model for my 1 admin user i would like to set a user with admin => TRUE.

I have my User DB setup ready to go ( have added Admin column in the USER DB).

My question is how do i create a User so that the admin flag is set to TRUE. Would this be done in the console, if so what would the command look like?

All help appreciated

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Check out section Listing 9.41. of Michael Hartl's tutorial.

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Thanks for the answer, have had a look. so if i wanted to do this in the console would the command be User.create!(name: "Example User",email: "example@railstutorial.org", password: "foobar", password_confirmation: "foobar") admin.toggle!(:admin) –  Richlewis Apr 18 '12 at 8:55
I am unsure regarding the admin.toggle? never seen that syntax before –  Richlewis Apr 18 '12 at 8:59

or as I prefer:

u = User.find(1)
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