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Flex gives the ability to export a display object as a bitmap as follows:

var bitmapDataBuffer:BitmapData = new BitmapData ( displayObject.width, displayObject.height, false);            
bitmapDataBuffer.draw ( displayObject, displayObject.transform.matrix);

Is there a method to export a display object as a vector graphic instead of bitmap data?

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The copyFrom() function on the Graphics object might be what you need. It was added in Flash Player 10.

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That's a cool method! It still doesn't help me do what I need to do, since it transfers between graphics opjects and doesn't allow you to export that data into a format non graphics objects can understand (like svg or some other standard vector format). – mweiss Jun 24 '09 at 17:07

I'm going to guess from this bug that it's not currently possible:

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In short, no, but you could try to convert to a bitmap and then vectorize the bitmap (something like the marching squares algorithm)

If you are drawing it in AS, you could keep track of your drawing, possibly by extending Graphics & Sprite or Shape to use the new class.

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You can use the svgeditor-as3 library, however it uses it's own drawer engine, but it's very powerful, and can export in SVG format.

You can find more here:

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