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I have two models: hotel and location. A location belongs to a hotel, a hotel has one location. I'm trying to create both in a single form, bear in mind that I can't use dm-nested for nested forms due to a dependency clash.

I have code that looks like:

if ( &&
  # process
  # back to form with errors

Unfortunately, can fail and can complete (which confuses me because I didn't think the second condition would run in an AND block if the first one failed).

I'd like to wrap these in a transaction so I can rollback the Location save. I can't seem to find a way to do it online. I'm using dm-rails, rails 3 and a postgresql database. Thanks.

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The usual way to wrap database operations in DataMapper is to do something like this:

@hotel.transaction do

Notice that @hotel is quite arbitrary there; it could as well be @location or even a model name like Hotel.

In my experience, this works best when you enable exceptions to be thrown. Then if fails, it will throw an exception, which will be caught by the transaction block, causing the transaction to be rolled back. The exception is, of course, reraised.

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