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I am using the answer from How to restrict grep to search only the one column within a CSV file, but to output matching lines in their entirety? to search particular columns with awk, then output matching rows, e.g.:

awk -F@ "{if (\$2 ~ /$find_me/ ) { print \$0; } }" <input_file>
  • How can I restrict the search to only match lines where the column matches $find_me entirely?
  • How can I restrict the search to only output the first match found in the file?
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You can try this:

awk -F@ -v pattern="$find_me" '$2 ~ "^" pattern "$"' input.txt


awk -F@ -v pattern="^$find_me\$" '$2 ~ pattern' input.txt
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It is working when I replace $fine_me with some text, but not when $fine_me is used. –  Village Apr 18 '12 at 10:04
@Village: Make sure you're using the proper quotation marks as shown in kev's answer. Also, to only print the first match, use awk -F@ -v pattern="$find_me" '$2 ~ "^" pattern "$" {print; exit}' input.txt –  Dennis Williamson Apr 18 '12 at 11:17

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