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If in my main I have a function, func, that is called from main, can I use googlemock to say EXPECT_CALL(no_class_here, func).Times(1)?

no_class_here would be something like the scope operator to indicate that it doesn't belong to a class, ::. I don't know how that would work, but in the function implementation

I don't want to put func inside of a class when it is just a static function and does not require a class in order to run...

Should I just give up and put everything I'm going to test in a class all the time? I know that JUnit and JMock, everything is a class in java, so there's no choice, but I guess that the ability to descend from a class with nothing but virtual functions is probably the mechanism that allows googlemock to do its work...

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I'm afraid not. In googlemock's documentation relating to mocking free functions, they show how to replace a free function with an equivalent function in an interface class.

It's up to you whether you think it's worth changing existing code purely to allow testing. I probably wouldn't do that generally, particularly in this case where you'd be changing a non-member function to a member-function.

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