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I'm trying to insert a custom tag into the page

should this work?

<after css:content-children="#viewlet-below-content-body">
   <a href="@@historyview">History</a>

seems only replace allows me to insert/replace a custom tag

<replace css:content-children="#viewlet-below-content-body">
   <a href="@@historyview">History</a>
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The before/after rules with only content/content-children is not supported by Diazo, you can only drop or replace. Maybe in a future version.

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How about appending your own tag to the theme (with also copying/replacing the children):

<append css:theme="#theme-id-for-viewlet-below-content-body">
   <a href="@@historyview">History</a>
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i insert almost the whole #content, so i just misused/replaced one of the viewletslots – agittr Apr 23 '12 at 7:24

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