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I have a viewcontroller that can show several popovers. Not at the same time. Which would be the best way to know which popover is being dismissed at popoverControllerDidDismissPopover?

I have to do different actions regarding the popover that is being dismissed.

Thanks a lot

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Something like this should work. (This code is not complete - I assume you know basic memory and class management and other stuff so I focus on the actual problem)

In your class keep some ivars to store reference to the popovercontrollers you created

@interface MyClass : NSObject <UIPopoverControllerDelegate> {
    UIPopoverController *popover1;
    UIPopoverComtroller *popover2;

Init your popovercontrollers as usual and save a referance to each of them in popover1 and popover2.

Then in your implementation of the UIPopoverDelegate protocol:

- (void)popoverControllerDidDismissPopover:(UIPopoverController *)popoverController {
    if(popoverController == popover1) {
        //popover1 was dismissed
    } else if (popoverController == popover2) {
        //popover2 was dismissed

EDIT: Looking at your comments, it seems that you mean that you are using only ONE popovercontroller, and replacing it's content view with different UIViewControllers.

If this is the case, I suggest you perform whatever the actions are inside those particular UIViewController in such a way that it affects your application´s state.

Then, once the popover is dismissed, you reload your original view with the new refreshed state.

Or you change it to use two different instances of UIPopoverController instead.

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Thanks a lot Jake. I would use in the case I have two popovers running at the same time, but it's not the situation. I have only one popover on screen and I need some way to know which one, of the different ones that my viewcontroller has, is on the screen. – Carlos Apr 18 '12 at 14:49
No, they do not need to be running at the same time, this code is for having two popovers that may be shown (one at a time) and determining which one was dismissed by the user, just like you asked for. If this doesn't fit your code, I suggest you post some code so we can see exactly what you´re trying to do. – jake_hetfield Apr 18 '12 at 15:49
I think I understand what you are trying now, I added a little edit above ... – jake_hetfield Apr 18 '12 at 16:03

This is how in Swift as of Xcode 6.3 beta 3, should be similar in Objective-C.

  1. Your presented view should have a ViewController for itself.

     import UIKit
     class MenuBookmarksViewController: UITableViewController  {
  2. Add an extension to the UIViewController class or place the code (below) inside the UIViewController that will be presenting your popovers:

    extension UIViewController: UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate {
      public func popoverPresentationControllerDidDismissPopover(popoverPresentationController: UIPopoverPresentationController) {
           if popoverPresentationController.presentedViewController as? MenuBookmarksViewController != nil {
              ///do your stuff
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You are passed which popover is being dismissed in popoverControllerDidDismissPopover:. Use that to determine what you want to do in each case.

You'll probably want to store your UIPopoverController instances as ivars of whatever object is presenting them, and then just compare against the value that you're passed in the delegate method.

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Mmmm, I don't see it... I'm not presenting the popovers at the same time. I have a popover to choose a date and another to choose between different values. When I am on popoverControllerDidDismissPopover, how can I know if the popover dismissed was the date or the options one? Now I'm using an NSString instance variable to know which popover is on screen... – Carlos Apr 18 '12 at 10:26
You are passed the popover in popoverControllerDidDismissPopover: - that's the only argument to that method. What are you struggling with? – mattjgalloway Apr 18 '12 at 11:39
Maybe my question was not clear. In fact, I need to know which viewcontroller is inside the popover and then, regarding this, do one thing or another on dismissing. – Carlos Apr 18 '12 at 14:51
Then look at the contentViewController property of UIPopoverController or just do what I said and keep around references to your popover controllers so you can distinguish them. – mattjgalloway Apr 18 '12 at 15:02

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