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How can I receive amount of messages stored in the queue using qpid library on python?

I have tried like this:

from qpid.messaging import *

broker_rcv = connect_address 
address_rcv = queue_name  + "; { node: { type: queue }, assert: never , create: never, mode: " + "browse" + " }"
connection_rcv = Connection(broker_rcv)
session_rcv = connection_rcv.session()
receiver = session_rcv.receiver(address_rcv)
print receiver.available()

And it always return me 0 messages.

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I have soloved this by adding receiver.capacity = 250. But if I have more messages in the queue and call receiver.available() I recive 250. But it's not a big problem now.

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I have been facing the same problem . But my last goal was that to stop and resume messages in queue. I found this:

qpidd --default-flow-stop-threshold=90 --default-flow-resume-threshold=75

or check this link:

This may help you.

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