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is there a way to extend the existing binding syntax (e.g. extension method) that will allow us to have something like this:

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I normally use Bind(typeof(IRepository<>)).To(typeof(MyRepository<>)); how would you like this binding to happen – Luke McGregor Apr 18 '12 at 10:46
What is WhenCustom supposed to do? Can you give (either example or explain in prose) positive and negative cases that your condition should be including and excluding. – Ruben Bartelink Apr 18 '12 at 20:44

Write an extension method for IBindingWhenSyntax<T> and use the existing When overload to implement your logic:

class BindingWhenExtensions
   public IBindingInNamedWithOrOnSyntax<T> WhenCustom<T>(
       this IBindingWhenSyntax<T> syntax)
        return syntax.When(r => true); 
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Sorry that I didn't get back to this earlier, here is the example of what I need - In the Ninject there is a WhenInjectedInto method so I need something similar to this, I need to be able to get the standard syntax but also the get the custom type e.g. codeIBindingInNamedWithOrOnSyntax<T> WhenInjectedInto<TParent>()code. The main problem here is that I need to create it with extension method and then I'm not able to get to the T type because of the TParent. At the moment I use <T, TParent> syntax and it's not so readable. Is there another way ? Thanks – khorvat May 7 '12 at 9:10

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