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I'm using Python 2.7 on ubuntu 11.10 distribution.

I have a problem with ftplib module and FTP_TLS connection. On my ftp server there is vsftp

When try a connection I receive this error:

ftplib.error_perm: 530 Please login with USER and PASS.

This is my code:

from ftplib import FTP_TLS
ftp =  FTP_TLS( '' )
ftp.login( 'user' , 'password') 

Anyway if I use the simple FTP connection, ftp = FTP('') , it works!

But I need FTP_TLS connection. I tried also to insert param ftp.auth() and ftp.prot_p() but nothing happens.

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Try TLS Lite or M2Crypto both are FTP/TLS client and server.

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Thanks. I'll try it. –  A Pass Programm Apr 18 '12 at 10:53
I prefer m2crypto, but the choice is yours:) –  Voislav Sauca Apr 18 '12 at 10:58

The FTP_TLS class doesn't seem to handle logins very well right now. Unfortunately, you have to explicitly send those commands to the server yourself.

from ftplib import FTP_TLS

# Do *not* specify the user and password in the FTP_TLS constructor arguments.
# Doing so will cause ftplib to try to login, resulting in the 530 error.
ftp = FTP_TLS('ftp.somewhere.com')
ftp.sendcmd('USER myusername') # '331 Please specify the password.'
ftp.sendcmd('PASS mypassword') # '230 Login successful.'
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