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I am trying to start history with backbone however I get the error:

Cannot call method 'start' of undefined

Here is a link to the full code :

I have jquery, underscore, and backbone js include before this code so I would imagine this should work based off the documentation. I am using backbone 0.9.2. What am I doing wring here?


I want not creating an instance of my routers so I added this code to before I called Backbone.history.start():

//initialize all routes
_(this.modules()).each(function(module, moduleName)
    _(module.routers).each(function(router, routerName)
        new router();
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Backbone.history can only be started after one or more routers have been defined with routes:

You can see here, that the Backbone.history object is created when routes are defined. I don't see any routers or routes being defined in the posted code, so I'm guessing that this is the problem.

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I do have routes define, added a pastebin link to the full source code. I also tested with console.log() that the route were being created before I tried to call history.start() and they are if I am setting them up right. – ryanzec Apr 18 '12 at 11:12
Turns out that I was not creating an instance of the router, will update my answer to show want I added – ryanzec Apr 18 '12 at 11:27

When the line is executed Backbone is still not loaded..

Use the

$(function() {
  // ...

For this part of the code as you have done for other blocks.

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It seams okey, can you provide more code, and the part of the html you load jquery, undescore and backbone.

inspect the backbone object before: Backbone.history.start(this.options.historyOptions);

Did you create routers before trying to start the history? (Derick Bailey)

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