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I am upgrading my project from spring 3.0.5 & hibernate 3 to spring 3.1.1 & hibernate 4.1

I use org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.support.HibernateDaoSupport extensively. In concrete HibernateTemplate; like in this snippet:

public class MenuDaoImpl extends HibernateDaoSupport implements MenuDao, Serializable {

public List<Menu> getMenus() {
    return getHibernateTemplate().find("from Menu menu");



But I read that HibernateTemplate isn't recommended for use anymore.

So, what’s the recommended way to hit the database within the DAO's in Spring3.1.1?


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Inject an EntityManager and use it directly.

public class MenuDaoImpl implements MenuDao {

private EntityManager entityManager;



Here's a good example on the SpringSource blog.

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What are the advantages of your suggested approach, based on EntityManager over the one based in SessionFactory, suggested by steve.hanson? –  webmeiker Apr 19 '12 at 6:52
They're roughly equivalent: SessionFactory is the pure Hibernate way of doing it, EntityManager is the JPA way. If you're always going to use Hibernate as your ORM layer, then there's really not much in it. However, if you might change your ORM implementation (to EclipseLink, or some other JPA provider), then using those interfaces (like EntityManager) now would be beneficial. Additionally, coding against the standard JPA interfaces opens the potential for wider tooling support. In practice, though, Hibernate tooling is at least as good. I'd say that today, either is fine. –  GaryF Apr 19 '12 at 8:18

As of Hibernate 3.0.1, Spring recommends the use of SessionFactory, rather than the HibernateTemplate.

From the Spring 3.0 HibernateTemplate API docs:

NOTE: As of Hibernate 3.0.1, transactional Hibernate access code can also be coded in plain Hibernate style. Hence, for newly started projects, consider adopting the standard Hibernate3 style of coding data access objects instead, based on SessionFactory.getCurrentSession().


public class MenuDao {

    private SessionFactory sessionFactory;

    public List<Menu> getMenus() {
        return (List<Menu>) sessionFactory.getCurrentSession.createQuery("from Menu").list();
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(Thanks, and sorry I can't mark two answers as accepted) –  webmeiker Apr 19 '12 at 8:44

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