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Is their a way to match a word in the following sentence with word boundary and should match the words with dash, braket, comma, fullstop etc. at the right or left of the word.


 $str = "The quick brown fox (jump) over the lazy dog yes jumped, fox is quick jump, and jump-up and jump.";

how can i match the 4 occurance of the word 'jump' in the sample sentence using perl regular expression?

NOTE: i dont want to match the word 'jumped'.

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my @words = $str =~ m{\bjump\b}g;
print "@words\n";
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A word boundary ("\b") is a spot between two characters that has a "\w" on one side of it and a "\W" on the other side of it (in either order), counting the imaginary characters off the beginning and end of the string as matching a "\W".

-- perldoc perlre > Assertions

    print "$1\n";
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print "$_\n" for $str =~ /\bjump\b/g;
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my @arr = $string =~ m{\bjump\b}g;
print "@arr\n";
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