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I am not sure where I stand on this issue. I have seen some classes that expose a constructor that takes an IEnumerable as an argument. This feels wrong to me but I am not sure why. I would rather have the class have an Add(T t). It seems cleaner to me.

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if items are better added by constructor arguments or by subsequent calls to an Add method depends on the case. There is no general rule.

  • If the items shouldn't be added after creation, it needs to be passed to the constructor. The object may be immutable. It may be illegal or too complicated to add items at a later point in time.
  • if the class represents a container (like List), it may be practical to have both. It would allow copying items from another container as well as using object initializers.
  • If the items usually are not know when creating the container, it is not useful to have a constructor taking them.

and so on.

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