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At this page the author wrote that the resources must be in special application folder (App_GlobalResources). OK, I put them in it. But in my project I use a tree of resource folders which reflects the tree of my views/models/etc. folders. So in each terminal folder of my tree branches I have a file with the same name (like "Strings" or any) as other resource files. This scheme seems easy to maintain resources corresponds to relative project file. All like this:

Application folders tree:


Resources folders tree:

-----Strings.resx // the same name
-----Strings.resx // the same name

But this sameness within names leads to error of resources conflict in the App_GlobalResources folder. Even if I assign different namespaces for each resource file.

If I use my scheme out of App_GlobalResources, all works fine with resources but MvcSiteMapProvider.

So, can MvcSiteMapProvider use another resource folder except App_GlobalResources? Or how can I organize my resources to make them works with MvcSiteMapProvider properly but to avoid complication with huge resource amount.

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did you resolved this issue? – Jakub Jedryszek Jul 10 '12 at 12:34
No. I decided to use both schemes of resources - my and for MvcSiteMapProvider. I won't to reorganize my resource scheme, and this scheme looks more convenient than just to put all the files with locals into one folder (App_GlobalResources) and all the strings into one local file. – user808128 Aug 9 '12 at 11:18

There are some advantages if you put your resource files outside the App_GlobalResources folder. Scott Allen wrote an excellent article about it:

You can use resources from another assembly within MvcSiteMapProvider, but you have to write your own resource provider, as explained here:

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