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In my app, I would like to maintain chainability across ActiveRecord queries. But I am not always able to do so. Sometimes I am forced to use select - which returns an Array thereby destroying chainability.

In particular, I have a model called Response in my app

Response has a method called page? which returns the page number - an integer - for the particular Response object

def page?
  ... returns the page number ...      

The method - page? - needs to look at some other models in the app in order to perform. It cannot - in other words - rely solely on data in the Responses table

Right now, I have a query - on_page(n) - defined as follows in Response model class

 def self.on_page(n)
   select{ |m| m.page? == n }

Problem is that the above select returns an Array and not an ActiveRecord::Relation. Which means that I cannot do the following ( 'with_scan' is another ActiveRecord query )


I can get the above to work by changing the order in which queries are done. But thats just a hack

Is there an alternative to using select in the 'on_page' query? Or a different way of using it? Any way in which chainability could be maintained?

Thanks in advance for your help, Abhinav

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Chainability is accomplished by working with instances of ActiveRecord::Relation. To turn an instance of Array into ActiveRecord::Relation, use the .scoped() method:

def self.on_page(n)
   select{ |m| m.page? == n }.scoped

You can view the documentation here.

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