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I am using hazelcast with spring MVC and loading the instance with context. Now because of a bug in spring code sometimes my context gets reloaded.

And whenever spring context reloads hazelcast creates a new member in its cluster. I am working to solve the bug in spring but till than i wanted to know that how can i close particular member of hazelcast cluster without affecting rest of the members.


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I have faced this problem recently. My only solution was to create a servlet context listener associated with spring servlet dispatcher and shutdown hazelcast instance on "contextDextroyed" event.

Hope this helps.

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head on.. I wonder how i just missed this simple fact..!! Thanks fmgp. –  indyaah Apr 18 '12 at 19:35

All you need to do is get a shutdown hook created when the context initialized and call shutdown method (read manual for that) when context exits.

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