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I have a snippet of JQuery code that do some bar scrolling.

Since I have three, four, ... n bar to slide into my PHP page, I assign them dinamically an id and pass it to JQuery for be sure that my snippet slide the correct bar on a mouseOver event.

That's the snippet of code that do the "inizialization" of my scrolls

 $.fn.horizontalScroll = function(options) {

 var rid = arguments[0];
 var oid = arguments[1];

 var defaults = { };

 var options = $.extend(defaults, options);

 return this.each(function() {

            var horiz_scroll = new dw_scrollObj($(this).attr('id'), $(this).children().attr('id'), $(this).children().children().attr('id'));
            horiz_scroll.setUpScrollbar("dragBar_"+rid+"_offer_"+oid, "track_"+rid+"_offer_"+oid, "h", 1, 1);

As you can see, "dragBar_"+rid+"_offer_"+oid dinamically concatenates my id(s) to other string part.

That's fine and all goin' well, except when my oid became something like -1

In that case I have an error that says

identifier starts immediately after numeric literal

That's confuse me, because i've read on StackOverflow some questions like this (just a random one) and I expect that behaviour for all concatenation that involves number.

That the snippet of code where all "breaks"

this.timerId = setInterval(this.animString + ".scroll()", 10);

Where this.animString is "dw_scrollObj.col.horiz_container_outer_55_offer_-1" while in other case (where it works) is "dw_scrollObj.col.horiz_container_outer_62_offer_234"

Anyone can explain me why this happen?

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Never pass a string to setInterval() or setTimeout(). Doing so is as bad as using eval() and it results in unreadable and possibly insecure code as soon as you use variables since you need to insert them into the string instead of passing the actual variable. The proper solution is setInterval(function() { /* your code *) }, msecs);. The same applies to setTimeout(). If you just want to call a single function without any arguments, you can also pass the function name directly: setInterval(someFunction, msecs); (note that there are no () behind the function name) –  ThiefMaster Apr 18 '12 at 13:13
@ThiefMaster : this is a JQuery snippet of code from third part .. I took it as it comes. –  DonCallisto Apr 18 '12 at 13:17

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You are trying to access a global variable named dw_scrollObj.col.horiz_container_outer_55_offer_-1. Some browsers will make all elements accessible by their ID like that, but it's not recommended.

The reason it doesn't work in your specific case is that what you've written is not a valid javascript variable name. Your attempt to access a variable will be interpreted as

dw_scrollObj.col.horiz_container_outer_55_offer_ - 1

If you would instead access your object by




you would not have this same problem.

For your setInterval code, that would mean

this.timerId = setInterval("$('#" + this.animString + "').scroll()", 10);

or preferably

this.timerId = setInterval(function() {
   $('#' + this.animString).scroll();
}, 10);

If your code is in a loop, where animString will change over time, inside the context, you will need to create a new closure:

this.timerId = setInterval((function(x) {
    return function() {
})(this.animString), 10);
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Great Anwser. Thank you. –  DonCallisto Apr 18 '12 at 13:21
I understand the concept behind your idea and ThiefMaster's answer too, but this doesn't work –  DonCallisto Apr 18 '12 at 13:29
which part doesn't work? what problems are you facing? –  David Hedlund Apr 18 '12 at 13:30
I've updated with all (in turn) your snippet suggestions, but i can't understand why it does not work. –  DonCallisto Apr 18 '12 at 13:31
well I was addressing a specific problem with the code you've posted, at the place where you said it was breaking. There may be other parts of your code that are having similar or other issues. What error messages are you seeing now that you've implemented the above change? –  David Hedlund Apr 18 '12 at 13:34

Your setInterval snippet breaks because the string you pass to setInterval is evaluated as JavaScript. It becomes


but a hyphen (-) is not valid in identifiers.

E.g. this throws an error

var some-name = 'foo';
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