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I'm using grep to search for text within a specific directory. I would like to return rows of text that contain stringA AND stringB.

I know that doing grep "stringA|stringB" is effectively an OR statement, is there something I can do, maybe using regex, that would allow me to run an AND statement ?

Many Thanks

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If you don't know the order of the items, you could always reverse a pattern using |

grep '1st pattern.*2nd pattern|2nd pattern.*1st pattern' foofile

This works geat with two items, three or more would start slowing things down for sure...

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Great, this works fine. Thanks a lot ! – Sherlock Apr 18 '12 at 13:38

You can pipe through two greps:

 ... | grep "stringA" | grep "stringB"

Note that if your patterns are actually fixed strings and not regular expressions then you can use fgrep instead of grep.

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This will locate stringA with any number of any characters between stringB at last

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