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I am using adsense Management API and followed everything there to generate a demo report as it is described in the example on their site. The information I am currently fetching uses this information :

    $startDate = '2012-03-01';
    $endDate = '2012-04-18';
    $optParams = array(
      'filter' => array(
        'AD_CLIENT_ID==' . $adClientId
      'metric' => array(                    
        'CLICKS', 'PAGE_VIEWS','COST_PER_CLICK','EARNINGS'                  
      'dimension' => array('DATE'),
      'sort' => 'DATE'

What I have to ask is is it possible to arrange this data according to the channels So that I get channel-wise information on EARNING, COST_PER_CLICK and PAGE_VIEWS. And how?

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Assuming you're talking about custom channels, all you have to do is add one of the following to your list of dimensions, depending on what you prefer:


You can think of dimensions as groups, that is, what you're organising your data by.

You can check this blog post for some more info.

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