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I create new cad widget in my mainwindow:

glWidget = new MeshViewerWidget(this);

and then my text view widget:

tbl = new tableView( this );

in my mainwindow i can get my mesh with:


How do i get it in my tableview.cc? ty

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I use Qt from python using PySide so, I can't give you C++ code, but the princliples are the same. Subclass tableview, with a custom constructor that takes an additional parameter, so you can pass in the mesh when you instantiate the tableview. Alternatively, add a setMesh method to tableview subclass and pass in the mesh that way. –  Simon Hibbs Apr 18 '12 at 14:06

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You could use the findChildren function of QObject and get a list of all children of a widget that can be casted to the given type. Eg

QList<QTableView*> allTableViews = glWidget->findChildren<QTableView *>();
// Iterate in order to find the table view either by checking the name, the parent etc....

Another approach would be the one Simon suggests, subclassing and adding public access function to the members you want to be reachable from top level widgets.

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So if I understand correctly: glWidget->findChildren will give me list od all children of glWidget? I am confused, coz I would need children of my MainWindow() if i want to get glWidget listed among them. But why, I already know the name (glWidget)? As I see it the child can't see he's "brother" data? Just with help of the parent with a custom constructor? Big n00b here... –  user1220769 Apr 18 '12 at 14:44
I got it like this: QList<MeshViewerWidget*> allmeshwidgets = parentWidget()->findChildren<MeshViewerWidget *>(); MyMesh &mesh = allmeshwidgets.first()->mesh(); Thanks for all the help! –  user1220769 Apr 18 '12 at 15:49

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