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I want to make some action (php script) before all actions in my frontend app and then pass a result from that script to actions in variable - so I can get variable value from all actions. Where should I declare sth like this?

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What kind of information ?

I would recommend you to use filters.

In your apps/frontend/config/filters.yml:

rendering: ~
  class: myCustomFilter

Create the file lib/filter/myCustomFilter.php:

class myCustomFilter extends sfFilter
  public function execute ($filterChain)
    if ($this->isFirstCall())
      // do what ever you want here.
      $config = Doctrine_Core::getTable('Config')->findAll();
      sfConfig::set('my_config', $config);


And then, every where, you can retrieve your data:

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If the filter solution dont feet your needs, you can also create a base action class with a preExecute function:

// app/frontend/lib/baseActions.class.php

class baseActions extends sfActions
   public function preExecute()
      $this->myVar = .... // define your vars...

Then your module actions class extends your baseActions class:

// app/frontend/modules/myModule/actions/actions.class.php

class myModuleActions extends baseActions
   public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request)
      // var $this->myVar is available in any action and in your template

if you have to use the preExecute function in your module class action, remember to call parent::preExecute() in it.

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