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I have a task (couple of C# functions) that updates the DB after every interval. How do I achieve this on Windows Azure (assuming after deployment the DB would also move to SQL Azure)

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Great article on building a task scheduler: link – RichBower Apr 18 '12 at 14:20
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You can develop and deploy a Windows Azure Compute Worker Role. This would be the right tool for long running and background operations hosted in Azure. Depending on what your task is doing (how CPU intensive it is) you could choose a very small role size to minimize cost.

You could probably also put such a task in a preexisting web or worker role (but that might not be a clean solution depending on what your task is doing and how reliably it should run).

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There's several options: - use a 3rd party job scheduler to initiate the process remotely - deploy a single "worker instance" that uses the task schedule built into Server 2008 to schedule the processes (this will require statup tasks) - deploy a timer process as part of another role, just make sure you put in a traffic cop or singleton style pattern to prevent multiple instances rom simultaneously trying to execute the same process.

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