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hi I am new to iphone development. I need to parse simple XML coming from my webserver and store this in database. Is there any sample code for doing the same?

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Please have a look at Touch XML, a Objective-C framework for reading and writing XML. It's usage is similar (drop-in replacement) for Apple's NSXMLDocument (which is not available for the iPhone SDK).

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Apple has two built in solutions for parsing XML data on the iphone:

1) Apple has an objective-c implementation of an XML parser called NSXMLParser. See documentation here.

2) Apple also has a C based implementation of an XML parser called libXML2. See documentation here. - scroll down to see section on XML support

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you can check here ,might be it will help you. http://homepages.ius.edu/rwisman/C490/html/nsxmlparser.html

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This is not available ....? –  MRT Aug 27 '12 at 11:23

Check out http://www.tbxml.co.uk for a super-fast, lightweight, easy to use XML parser!

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The above mentioned Touch XML, seems to be discountinued. KissXML is an alternative. It is based on Touch XML, but has more features.

GDataXML could also be an alternative, its developed by Google.

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check out this sample: http://pastebin.com/NP9UGPT4

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In the link below tutorial with explanation and source code give: http://www.iPhoneSDKArticles.com/2008/12/parsing-xml-files.html

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