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How can I convert an integer such as 115900 to a time? I'd like to do arithmetic operations on times so that something like: 115900 + 100 will equal 120000, rather than 11600.

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Your big problem is that an integer number does not behave like a date/time. Since you are using Objective-C, you really should be using the NSDate class and the associated classes for formatting dates and times and managing calendars.

Start by reading the Date and Time Programming Guide. That will be better than me writing it all out again.

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Just as a small comment, you might want to look into such methods of NSDate as -timeIntervalSince1970, -timeIntervalSinceDate and -dateByAddingTimeInterval for the above mentioned operations. –  Eugene Apr 18 '12 at 14:46
 int seconds = 115900 % 60; 
   int minutes = (115900 / 60) % 60; 
   int hours = 115900/ 3600; 
   return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%02i:%02i:%02i",hours, minutes, seconds]; 
   //output like is HH:MM:SS
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