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I am trying to use SendInput() to send a sentence to another application (Notepad) and then send it hitting the Enter Key.

Any code snippets? Or help

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The SendInput function accepts an array of INPUT structures. The INPUT structures can either be a mouse or keyboard event. The keyboard event structure has a member called wVk which can be any key on the keyboard. The Winuser.h header file provides macro definitions (VK_*) for each key.

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Theres a simple C++ sample here http://nibuthomas.wordpress.com/2009/08/04/how-to-use-sendinput/

And a more complete VB sample here http://vb.mvps.org/samples/SendInput/

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A much simpler C/C++ example is https://batchloaf.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/simulating-a-keystroke-in-win32-c-or-c-using-sendinput/

INPUT input;
WORD vkey = VK_F12; // see link below
input.type = INPUT_KEYBOARD;
input.ki.wScan = MapVirtualKey(vkey, MAPVK_VK_TO_VSC);
input.ki.time = 0;
input.ki.dwExtraInfo = 0;
input.ki.wVk = vkey;
input.ki.dwFlags = 0; // there is no KEYEVENTF_KEYDOWN
SendInput(1, &input, sizeof(INPUT));

input.ki.dwFlags = KEYEVENTF_KEYUP;
SendInput(1, &input, sizeof(INPUT));

List of virtual key codes .....

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