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I have published my website in a directory called samp and i am currently trying to host it on IIS.

However i have numerous aspx pages. For example, members.aspx, default.aspx, authenticate.aspx, etc.

But i am not sure how do i make default.aspx to load when the user connects to localhost at port 80.

I am new at this, please help.

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In IIS7 click on the website in question (under the "Sites" area of the left-hand tree), then find "Default Document" in the IIS group of icons. Double click the icon to go into the section, then click "Add..." in the Actions panel and then add "default.aspx" in the dialog.

You can then set the order of precedence by clicking on the new entry and moving it to the top of the list using the "Move Up" option in the Actions panel.

This will allocate the default document to the website in question - if you want it adding to ALL websites on IIS7, then do the same thing to the top level icon (the one under "Start Page")

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you can enable throught the web config file in your asp.net website.

  <defaultDocument enabled="true">
        <add value="Default.aspx" />

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