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Does anyone know of a good wrapper for the Windows ADSI libraries for Java?

(I'm trying to avoid writing my own in JNA - and I'd like to use something standard.)

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Not much in the way of well-supported libraries for ADSI-java exists out there.

If you want support and the substance of what you're trying to achieve - then Spring's Acegi library will assist your active directory authentication of your web-app: http://www.acegisecurity.org/

If you want an active directory authentication for your web service - then try this: Secure Java SOAP web service - Active Directory authentication Trust (again a Spring security based solution)

To purely wrap the ADSI library itself - you could use JNA: https://github.com/twall/jna/

Other implementations out there include:

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Kosuke has a nice article on calling ADSI Activex/COM components via com4j, so you can query active directory.


Not sure how supported it is though.

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