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I have such things in my Java code:

//...omitted some not revelant code
AjaxIndicatorAppender indicator = new AjaxIndicatorAppender();
final RequiredTextField<String> nickField = new RequiredTextField<String>( "nick", new PropertyModel<String>( this, "nickValue" ) );
formContainer.add( nickField );
nickField.add( new MyValidatingBehaviour( (Form) formContainer, "onkeyup", Duration.ONE_SECOND, indicator ) );


private class MyValidatingBehaviour extends AjaxFormValidatingBehavior implements IAjaxIndicatorAware
    AjaxIndicatorAppender indicator;

    private MyValidatingBehaviour( Form<?> form, String event, final Duration throttleDelay, AjaxIndicatorAppender indicator )
        super( form, event );
        this.setThrottleDelay( throttleDelay );
        this.indicator = indicator;

    public String getAjaxIndicatorMarkupId()
        return indicator.getMarkupId();

But nothing happens, there's no any indicator, am I doing something wrong? Couldnt find any example for my case

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Instead of


it should be


And it works :)

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