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How can I use Django's template tags within JavaScript? This is my code:

{% block scripts %}
    $(document).ready(function() {
        var classEditor = {
            dcg: $("div.control-group"),

            set: function(i, errors) {
                $dcg = $(classEditor.dcg[i]);

        {% if %}
            {% for err in %}
                {{ e|add:err }}
            {% endfor %}
            classEditor.set(1, {{ e }});
        {% endif %}
{% endblock %}

I want to send all errors to a function and do something with it. I tried to use striptags and stringformat, but it always raises errors.

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I don't think your problem has to anything to do with Javascript. The issue is here:

{{ e|add:err }}

This makes no sense at all. It seems like you're trying to build up a list, e, consisting of all the items in But you can't do that sort of thing in a template - no data manipulation is allowed, by design. The add filter simply performs numeric calculations for display, it doesn't modify objects.

You probably want to serialize the errors to JSON in your view, and pass that JSON object to classEditor.set.

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