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I would like to double sort my user list. Is this possible within one MySQL query?

  1. Sort by activity
  2. Sort by ID

For example:

1  Jack   Active 
2  Jill   Active 
5  Jens   Active  
3  Harry  Inactive 
4  Larry  Inactive 
6  Luke   Inactive
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You can use the ORDER BY clause to sort as many columns as needed.

SELECT id, name, activity
FROM userList
ORDER BY Activity, ID

I would suggest reading the MySQL ORDER BY docs. You can sort the data either in ASC or DESC order: MySQL: ORDER BY Optimization

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SELECT id, name, activity
FROM your_table
ORDER BY activity ASC, id ASC
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Select * from table order by activity, ID;
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FROM table_name
ORDER BY activity, ID;
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SELECT (user.name|| ' ' || user.status) AS sorted_list
ORDER BY user.status, user.name
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i think you missed FROM user –  Devtrix.net Apr 18 '12 at 15:20

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