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I had used a library called python-magic to find type of file in my django project . However the way I structure my code I prefer to do relative import. However the library did not seem to have an __init__.py file to allow relative import , so i made a fork and added one. However when i pulled code on my server even though .gitmodules had my fork's url url = git://github.com/dusual/python-magic.git as the entry it only picked up code till index d5fba and not 6a5581a which is commit id ? Please explain to me why was this the case?

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When you add a git submodule, you are adding a reference to a specific commit of the submodule project. I suspect what happened is that you did git submodule add before you made your change in your forked repo. Your submodule link is still refering to the commit before you made any changes.

To update this, navigate into your python-magic directory and do

 git pull origin master

(or substitute origin and master for whatever it is in your case if it is different.)

If you then go back to the root directory of your main project and do

git status

you should see something like

-Subproject commit cb25e84cce2845cf18146223e551f47f33a6ee1b
+Subproject commit 75ef943c355e0f53fb6ee48f1117ba8dfdfe3f58

for your submodule, which lets you know that it is now pointing to the newer commit.

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