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It's a Java project where we are using Java 1.5.0 but I can't find a list of javac error codes anywhere. I've tried Invalidating the Cache and restarting. I've tried Rebuilding the Project. It's a maven project so I am able to compile from the Maven panel within IntelliJ but I need to run it as a Tomcat configuration which I don't know how to do outside of IntelliJ.

Edit: in IntelliJ, you can run your project via their Run/Debug Configurations. You can set up a configuration for an app, junit, tomcat etc... this is how I've been running my project to get the error

2nd Edit: It appears that my Java 1.5 was corrupt. When I removed it from intelliJ and then tried to add it back, IntelliJ told me that it was corrupt. Also I get bus errors at the command line...

$ ~/Java\ 1.5.0/Home/bin/javac -version
bus error
$ ~/Java\ 1.5.0/Home/bin/java -version
bus error
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What do mean run it as Tomcat configuration? If you want to run it inside Tomcat in Maven outside of IntelliJ you can configure a Tomcat plugin into your build.xml and "mvn tomcat:run" mojo.codehaus.org/tomcat-maven-plugin/run-mojo.html – thlim Apr 18 '12 at 15:52

One option is to call mvn package to create the war file and deploy it manually to an already installed tomcat.

Another option is to use the tomcat maven plugin and to call mvn tomcat:run This will run your application within an tomcat.

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