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Given that I have something like this on a JSP:

<cic:table listBeanParm="presbeans" showSelct="false" messageType="cicProductTable">
        <cic:title>A column title</cic:title>
<% TableModel tableModel = (TableModel)request.getAttribute( "cic.table.model"); %>
//tableModel used here

I can see that in the code associated with cic:table that it sets the attribute "cic.table.model" (obstacle: I have to decompile to see it...no source).

            public int doEndTag() throws JspException {
/*  47*/        request.setAttribute("cic.table.model", tableModel);
/*  48*/        init();
/*  49*/        return super.doEndTag();

And it looks like the type heirarchy looks like this:

cicTable extends cicComponent
cicComponent extends BodyTagSupport
(cicComponent runs pageContext.getOut(), and we do not have a page!)

But even so, I tried several variations like this (doStartTag, doEndTag), but my calls always fail with a null pointer inside the compiled classes:

    System.out.println("type:" + request.getAttribute("presbeans").getClass().getName());
    cicTable aTable = new cicTable();
    //int result = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    //try {result = aTable.doStartTag();} catch (Exception e) {System.out.println("doStartTag bombed: " + e.getMessage());}
    //System.out.println("doStartTag returned " + result);
    int result2 = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    result2 = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    try {result2 = aTable.doEndTag();} catch (Exception e) {System.out.println("doEndTag bombed: " + e.getMessage());}
// Always a null pointer on the line above
    System.out.println("doEndTag returned " + result2);

    TableModel tableModel = (TableModel)request.getAttribute( "cic.table.model");

What I'd like to do is find a way to convert what's going on in the taglibs on the JSP page to code that will run in a servlet. Is there a standard, cookbook, method to get the taglib stuff to run in a Servlet?

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