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I'm working on a project hosted in Beanstalk and would like to access one of my files in my subversion repository.

I can clearly see the files "SoundEffect.h" and "SoundEffect.m" in the web-based browser directory, but the files do not appear in the "Groups and Files" pane on the left of Xcode after a refresh and update from Xcode.

I tried to "right click on a file, and add->existing files" for both SoundEffect.(h|m) and they both appear. But now my project won't build and I get strange errors like

"_AudioServicesPlaySystemSound", referenced from: "_AudioServicesCreateSystemSoundID", referenced from: "_AudioServicesDisposeSystemSoundID", referenced from:

even though I haven't used the files. I'm pretty sure the files are free of error because I have used them successfully in another project.

What is going on and how can I fix it?

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Ok, found this thread that helped.

I needed to add the Framework AudioToolbox.Framework in XCode.

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