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IS there a way to tell how large bug numbers can get in Bugzilla? In other words, how can I find the upper limit? Is it regulated by the processor or the tables? Thanks.

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It depends on what the abstract data type MEDIUMSERIAL is on the database.

The abstract schema is in Bugzilla::DB::Schema, and the corresponding implementation is in the appropriate Bugzilla::DB::Schema::* module.

On MySQL, MEDIUMSERIAL is a mediumint, so the largest value for bug_id is 8388607.

There's only one known Bugzilla instance with as many as 1M rows in bugs, so I'm not aware of any drive to increase the size in the vanilla source.

At Yahoo!, where we have more than 5 million rows in bugs, we've already increased bug_id to a 4-byte signed integer, so our new maximum bug_id is 2147483647.

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