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I use the API with HTTP POST to create a wiki page in a Mediawiki (1.14):

  1. I require an edit token
  2. It works, I get a fresh token (example: d96d72fae5e6c43b0b9f63d82ace366)
  3. I send the HTTP POST for creating a new site with my new token (sth. similar to "d96d72fae5e6c43b0b9f63d82ace366+\"
  4. I get an error message "Invalid Token"

I don't understand why I get this message, because I send a freshly created token in my POST request.

Any idea?

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Did you URL-encode the terminating characters of your token? You have to convert the +\ to %2B%5C. Your POST request should look something like (minus the line breaks):

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