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Is there a well maintained package available in Python for creating and validating HTML forms? I will deploying it finally on Google Appengine.

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You can use Django form validation on GAE storage via db.djangoforms.ModelForm.

To smoothly integrate client-side Dojo functionality with Django server-side web apps, I'd look at dojango, which does work fine with GAE (as well as without). However, dojango (currently at release 0.3.1) does not yet automatically provide client-side validation of Django forms -- that's on the roadmap for the forthcoming release 0.4 of dojango, but I have no idea about the timeframe in which you could expect it.

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For client-side validation, check http://plugins.jquery.com/search/node/form+validate; for server-side, actually ALMOST every web framework (web.py, django, etc.) has its own form generation as well as validation lib for you to use.

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AppEngine includes Django's form framework (or a variation thereof), which I find very nice. It also plays well with your ORM (i.e. getting forms for models is very DRY). The only potential problem is the lack of client-side validation.

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